Robe Alexander McQueen hiver 2009/2010

Robe Alexander McQueen hiver 2009/2010

Alexander McQueen a décidé de nous quitter et je suis triste. La mode vient de perdre un de ses derniers vrais artistes…

Catégorie : Billets d'humeur, La mode, la mode, la mode

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  1. such a big lost for the world…

  2. je ne souviens de ce dessin il m avait beaucoup plu bravo pour ce dessin et votre retour jp

  3. I love this sketch (and everything else that follows). I’m bookmarking you. Your pics would make gorgeous prints on T Shirts by the way :)

    Much love from India!

  4. Magnifique dessin…

    En effet, le monde de la mode est en deuil en ce moment.

  5. This is the most creative and wonderful commemoration for someone. Serene and beautiful. Very well thought.

  6. So cute and sensible from you…nice draw and full of emotions!

  7. That is a completely extraordinary drawing- I think this really sums up how a lot of people felt about his death. Just stunning. You are incredibly talented.

    Next time, I promise I will try and comment in French as I’m teaching myself the language at the moment…

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